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With our courses, you’ll harness the power of technology by gaining a profound understanding of both hardware and software.

All courses provide step-by-step guidance through educational videos, ensuring that you are never overwhelmed or confused. 

We firmly believe that technology should be user-friendly, accessible to all, and free from esoteric jargon.

Microcontrollers & Circuits

Modern embedded electronics is a rapidly evolving domain, with powerful processors increasingly accessible to hobbyists. However, the informational systems supporting these tools are lagging, creating significant challenges. Engineers face a range of videos, blogs, PDFs, example codes, and libraries all existing in multiple places. Despite its abundance, this information is often fragmented and tailored to specific contexts. There’s no comprehensive guide covering all facets of electronics, bench equipment, PCBs, wiring, circuits, robotics, AI, computer vision, display optimization, voice control, and efficient coding. Presently, many libraries created for specific conditions, create challenges for engineers when faced with unfamiliar equipment or situations. Our aim is to provide clear information and guidance to enable you to navigate the field.


Learn the basic components of electronic circuits, including examples of their use and applications. This course covers the laws of circuit design & necessary tools.


Learn applications and techniques with examples from a broad range of popular devices including Arduino, Raspberry PI Pico, Tiva, STM32 and others.

Advance Microcontollers

Learn inter-controller communication, accessing shared resources, containerized development, use of APIs, and methods of effective testing.

Beyond WiFi

Discover alternate methods of connectivity using radio communications where WiFi is not needed or available. With practical examples of short, medium and long range communications. 

Robotics & Computer Vision

Discover the building blocks of robotics design, from motors & actuators, to sensors and controllers. With practical investigations of all-terrain sensor platform and an eye in the sky drone.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover the application of machine learning in edge computing. Learn techniques and use cases where a device is both connected to the internet and autonomous.

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