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If you’d prefer we also supply prebuilt versions, allowing you to choose the path that best suits your needs. You’ll derive satisfaction from bringing your ideas to life and witnessing the tangible results of your creations.

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Consumer Products

Our products are designed to assist in building electronics and teaching principles of communications. For these, we are developing a wide range of products tailored to hobbyists, including a NAS device, USB Cable Test Kit, Soldering Fume Kit, Custom Display System, Star Network Kit, and GPS Staff and Asset Tracking Systems.

two white and black electronic device with wheels

Hobbyist Kits

Our hobby kits are carefully designed to help you develop your skills while your projects unfold. They include components chosen to expand your experience and enable your journey in electronics to follow more exciting paths. Our kits range from sensors, displays, radio communication, testing, artificial intelligence, and more.

Training and Tutorials

With step-by-step guidance through educational videos, our training courses ensuring that you are never overwhelmed or confused. We firmly believe that technology should be user-friendly, accessible to all, and free from esoteric jargon.  We include each step with check points to help you keep track of where you are.

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