Introducing Ology for Business

With integrations for Slack, Monday, and many CMS offerings, OIogy offers an unique focus for your staff.

immediately communicate with staff
personalise content with control panel
staff engagement tracking

Ology sits on your desk offering advantages over communication platforms like Slack or email:

  1. Increased Visibility: A physical device sitting on a desk provides a constant visual reminder of important updates, messages, or announcements. Unlike digital notifications that can easily be missed or ignored, having a physical presence ensures that the message is noticed.
  2. Reduced Digital Distractions: In a world where digital notifications constantly vie for our attention, having a separate device for important communications can help reduce digital distractions.
  3. Instant Access to Critical Information: With Ology sitting nearby, team members can quickly glance at important updates or announcements without having to navigate through digital platforms or sift through emails. This facilitates faster information retrieval and decision-making.

Empower Your Brand with Ology for Business

Looking for a seamless way to share your bespoke content with your staff or users?

Say hello to Ology for Business – the ultimate solution for personalized content sharing.


With Ology for Business, you’re in complete control of your content. You can set up Ology so that only particular members of staff can send out messages to staff, limiting the content received on the device to the important information.


Reach your audience wherever they are. Whether it’s your internal teams, clients, or users, Ology for Business makes it easy to share content seamlessly across multiple devices.


Once you’ve acquired the devices, enjoy seamless access to Ology for Business for a low monthly subscription fee tailored to your requirements. This fee ensures your access to the control panel, ongoing support, updates, and access to premium features, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience.

staff engagement tracking

Stay informed about your staff’s engagement levels. Ology for Business provides comprehensive tools to track when your staff have read your content, so you know they have seen the really important information that takes precedent over other content.

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