About Us

At Robin Electronics, we are proud to bring together a dynamic team with diverse backgrounds and expertise, creating a unique blend of technical prowess and creative innovation.

Mark Lehane

Managing Director

About mark

Mark Lehane, with his four decades of extensive experience in coding and designing electronics, offers a comprehensive perspective on projects. His journey, spanning from the Z80 to modern giants like Intel, AMD, and ARM, has equipped him with a vast expertise in multiple programming languages and a deep understanding of electronics engineering.

His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his passion for robotics, machine learning, and creative embedded engineering, ensures that he brings a fresh, experienced perspective to the electronics industry. Mark is an active member of the ARM developers community. 

Industry Experience

Having worked in diverse industries such as aircraft, banking security, and technology consultancy for multinational corporations, Mark’s proficiency in embedded systems and electronics design allows him to find innovative solutions that perfectly integrate hardware and software components.

About Dorothy

With over a decade of experience in teaching in Higher Education, Dorothy has honed exceptional communication and organizational skills. Her role as the Operations Director is enriched by her extensive involvement in publishing, giving her a meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the processes involved in material publication. Dorothy’s collaborative approach, combined with her strong organizational skills and commitment to excellence, ensures that the operations of Robin Electronics, run seamlessly.


Dorothy has a strong foundation in critical thinking and communication, and is poised to enrich discussions in the field of embedded electronics.  Her commitment to interdisciplinary research enables her to contribute innovative ideas that blend creative problem-solving with responsible innovation in the embedded electronics sector.

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